Welcome to our Gas Detector Services and Analytics, where safety meets efficiency in monitoring potentially hazardous environments. We understand the critical importance of reliable gas detection systems to safeguard lives, assets, and the environment. Our comprehensive services and advanced analytics empower industries to detect, analyze, and mitigate gas-related risks effectively.

Expert Installation and Maintenance: Our team of certified professionals ensures seamless installation of cutting-edge gas detection systems tailored to your specific needs. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, we prioritize accuracy and reliability, offering regular inspections, calibration, and repairs to keep your systems operating optimally.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Utilizing state-of-the-art gas detection technology, we provide a range of solutions tailored to diverse industries and applications. Whether it’s fixed gas detection systems for continuous monitoring or portable devices for on-the-go safety, our technology integrates advanced sensors and intelligent analytics for precise detection of a wide array of gases.

Real-time Monitoring and Analytics: Gain real-time insights into gas concentrations and trends with our advanced analytics platforms. Our systems enable continuous monitoring of gas levels, providing instant alerts and notifications in the event of abnormal readings. With customizable reporting and data visualization tools, you can analyze historical trends, identify potential risks, and make informed decisions to enhance safety protocols.

ItemParameterDetection RangeResolutionAccuracy
1Dust0~1000μg/m³1μg/m³≤±10% Reading
2PM2.50~1000μg/m³1μg/m³≤±10% Reading
3PM1.0、PM100~1000μg/m³1μg/m³≤±10% Reading
4Formaldehyde (HCHO)0~1.5mg/m³0.01mg/m³≤±10% Reading
5Carbon Dioxide400~5000ppm1ppm≤±10% (50ppm+3% Reading)
8Atmospheric Pressure30~110Kpa0.1Kpa≤±0.15Kpa
9Illumination0~65535Lux1Lux≤±7% Reading
10TVOC0~5mg/m³0.001mg/m³≤±10% Reading
11Ozone (O3)0~10ppm0.001ppm≤±2% Reading
12Oxygen(O2)0~25%Vol0.1%Vol≤±3% Reading
13Hydrogen Sulde (H2S)0~100ppm1ppm≤±3% Reading
14Methane (Ch4)0~100%ELE1%ELE≤±5% Reading
15Carbon Monoxide (CO)0~1000ppm1ppm≤±3% Reading
16Nitrogen Dioxide (No2)0~1000ppm0.1ppm≤±3% Reading
17Sulfur Dioxide (So2)0~20ppm0.1ppm≤±3% Reading
18Hydrogen Gas (H2)0~1000ppm1ppm≤±3% Reading
19Ammonia(NH3)0~20ppm0.1ppm≤±2% Reading
Detection Parameters.

Compliance and Regulatory Support: Navigating regulatory requirements and compliance standards can be complex. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your gas detection systems meet industry regulations and standards. From compliance consulting to documentation assistance, we provide comprehensive support to help you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Training and Support: Empower your staff with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize gas detection systems. We offer comprehensive training programs tailored to operators, technicians, and safety personnel, covering system operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and emergency response protocols. Additionally, our technical support team is available around the clock to provide assistance and guidance whenever you need it.

Customized Solutions: We understand that every industry and facility has unique requirements when it comes to gas detection. That’s why we offer customized solutions designed to address your specific challenges and objectives. Whether you operate in oil and gas, chemical processing, manufacturing, or any other sector, we work closely with you to develop tailored strategies that enhance safety and productivity.